Once enabled, submission and approval reminders will be sent to your users in the form of an automated reminder email. 

Submission reminders

  1. From the Admin section click Reminders.
  2. Tick the Submission Reminders Enabled box to turn this feature on. 
  3. Select the date that the expenses are due from the dropdown.
  4. Set the number of days before the expenses are due that you wish your users to receive the reminder.

Click Update to add the submission reminder to your account!

Approval reminders

  1. In the Approval Reminders tab, you should tick Approval Reminders Enabled
  2. Add the number of days that the expenses should be with the approver before a reminder email is sent. A reminder email will be sent everyday from that point till the expenses are approved. 

Click Update to add the approval reminder to your account.

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