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Add or edit tax rates
Add or edit tax rates

We have pre-populated your account with your local tax rates. You can edit and add tax rates as required.

Written by Jack
Updated over a week ago

In this area, you have the option to customise existing tax rates or add your own. 

1. From Admin, click Tax Rates.

2. Click the New Tax Rate button.

If you want to customise existing Tax Rates click Edit. All the information except the rate (%) can be changed.

3. Add the Rate Name.

4. The Reference field (optional) allows you to add a reference or code which you can use if you want to map these Tax Rates to your accounting package.

5. Enter the Rate (%).

6.  Navigate to the Visibility tab. Here you can decide which of your users, departments or user groups are able to access this Tax rate on their expense form. 

Once you're happy, click Create to add the Tax Rate to the account.

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