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Change mileage rate settings
Change mileage rate settings

Manage your mileage rates for personal car mileage.

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In this area, you have the option to add customised personal car mileage rates or apply additional settings to existing personal car mileage Rates.

You cannot Edit or change the Rate for an existing personal car mileage Rate. You will need to delete any Rates which are no longer required and create a New Mileage Rate. 

1. From Admin, click Mileage and Fuel Rates.

2. If you want to edit existing mileage rates click Edit next to the mileage rate.

Please note: All the information except the mileage rate can be changed. 

3. You can customise the name of the mileage rate.

4. The Reference field allows you to add a reference or code which you can use if you want to map this mileage rate to your accounting package.

5. You can set a minimum annual distance limit for this rate in Min Annual Mileage.

6. You can set a maximum annual distance limit for this rate in Max Annual Mileage

Please note: When setting a minimum and maximum limit please ensure your mileage rates are sequential and do not overlap. The system will check the distance limits based on all mileage assigned to the current and lower band rates based on the ordering of the minimum distance field unless Exclude from Cumulative Mileage is ticked. This can be useful to exclude passenger and bicycle rates. 

7. If you would like to claim back the VAT on your mileage claims tick Calculate VAT. 

Please note: In order to calculate the VAT on the mileage claims, you will also have to populate the vehicle details section with the appropriate VAT rates for your fuel rates.

8. Navigate to the Visibility tab. Here you can decide which of your users, departments or user groups are able to access this mileage rate on their expense form. 

Once you're happy, click Update.

If you would like to add a new Mileage Rate, click the New Mileage Rate button, populate with the new details and click Create. 

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