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Edit a CSV export format
Edit a CSV export format

To edit an existing CSV export format please follow the steps below.

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You are able to add, remove and move fields or make settings changes to CSV export formats on your account. 

Important Note - If you are using an CSV export format from our Library, which is specifically designed for a particular accountancy package, then making changes could cause the import into your company accountancy package to stop working. Always test any changes made before using the changed export format for processing live expense data. 

To edit a CSV Export Format:

1. Navigate to Export Formats, within Admin.

2. Click Edit next to the format you wish to edit.

The first tab is the Details screen where you can: 

  • Change the name of the export format.

  • Add an optional description.

  • Control the way the amounts are exported. Hover over the question mark icon to get more information on the different amount formats. 

  • Choose if lead zeros are to be included when opening in Excel.

  • Choose which areas of the system this format will be made available to, multiple areas can be selected; 

My Expenses (available to end-users),
Approval (available to users who Approve expenses),
Finance (available to Finance Users),
PA Assist (available to users who assist other users).

The second tab is Export Fields. Here you can choose the data fields you wish to be exported from the system, when exporting expenses using the format. 

Note - If you are looking to add a custom field to your export format, you will need to have created it first in the Admin section. For help on how to do this please follow our Create a custom field help article. Once added, the custom field will be available as a Data Field to select from the drop down menu.

To add extra fields, click + Add Export Field.

  • Data Fields - The field you wish to be included in the export format.

  • Header Name - The header name you require for the data field when exported.

  • Empty Value - Default value populated when expenses being exported do not have a value for the selected field. 

  • Field options - Certain field types allow you to choose a particular format or option.

3. Once you have made your changes click Update.

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