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Verify a domain for single sign-on (SSO)
Verify a domain for single sign-on (SSO)

How to verify ownership of a domain after it has been added.

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Once you have added a domain you must verify ownership of it, before it can be used for SSO.

You can check if your domain needs to be verified by looking for the Pending Verification label against your domain (on the Domains tab, in the Single Sign-On area under Admin). If you do not see this label then your domain has been verified already, and you can proceed to use it for single sign-on.

If your domain needs to be verified, click Verify next to the Pending Verification label.
You will be shown instructions on how to verify your domain.  

You will need access to the DNS records for your domain, and to add a TXT record with the value shown in the on screen instructions.  

Please Note: The specific value to be added as a TXT record is different for every domain added to ExpenseIn. You should not use a value from another domain, or the one in the screenshot below.

ExpenseIn will periodically check the DNS records for the presence of the TXT value. If the value from the instructions is found, then the domain will be verified and may be used for single sign-on.

If you wish, you may trigger an immediate check by clicking the Verify Now button below the instructions. However, it should be noted that DNS record propagation can take several hours, so any changes may not be visible to our servers immediately.

A successfully verified domain no longer has the Pending Verification label as shown below.

If you have not yet done so, you can now add an identity provider.

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