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Edit a completed expense
Edit a completed expense

How can I make changes to a completed expense?

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Expenses found in the Completed section in the Finance area cannot be edited. The option is available to mark a completed expense as incomplete from the Completed section. Using the incomplete option will move the expense back to the Approved section for the changes to be made from there.

Please note: Only users with Finance Administrator permission enabled can mark an expense as incomplete.
Follow the steps below to mark a completed expense as incomplete ready for editing from the Approved section:

1. Click on Finance, at the top of the screen.

2. In the Completed section, click on Search Expenses.

3. Amend the Filters to locate the expense(s) you need to edit.

If you are unable to locate a specific expense, ensure you have the correct Date, and other relevant filters, selected.
4. Click on Search.

5. Select the expense(s) that you want to edit by ticking the relevant tick box(es) and click on Mark as Incomplete.

6. The Mark as Incomplete confirmation box will appear. Double-check the details and click Continue if the details are correct:

7. The expense(s) will be moved to the relevant menu option in the Approved section.

8. To edit the expense, click on the expense line to expand this and then again on the expense you wish to edit.

9. Click the Edit button to make your changes.

After you have made the required updates, you will need to mark the expense(s) as paid / reconciled / billed again in order for it/these to move back to Completed.ย 

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