Delete a project

Delete a project to permanently remove access to a project on the account

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If a project is no longer required, you can delete it from the Admin area. To do this:

1. Navigate to Admin and then Projects. 

2. Select the project(s) you wish to delete using the tick box(es).

3. Click the Delete button that appears at the top of the screen. 

4. Click Continue, on the pop up window, to delete the selected project(s). 

Please note: The expense history is not lost when you delete a project and you can export the project history information from the Completed Search Expenses section.

Important Information:

If you use the standard Project Report, once a project has been deleted you will be unable to use this report to report on the project. If you would still like to use the Project Report, edit the project to mark is as inactive, instead of deleting it.

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