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Integration connection expiry
Integration connection expiry

What to do if your accountancy package connection has expired.

Written by Jack
Updated over a week ago

Periodic re-authorisation is required to keep ExpenseIn and your accountancy package integration connected. As a result, you may receive an e-mail notification informing you of your Integration connection disconnecting. This is to be expected and you'll need to follow the steps below to reconnect ExpenseIn with your accountancy package.

1. Click on Admin and then Integration. You will see that your chosen Integration connection is now showing Disconnected underneath the relevant logo:

2. Click on the Actions button, next to the applicable accountancy package icon and select Reconnect.

3. You will be required to enter your Accountancy package username and password.
​Please note: We will not store or have access to your login credentials to your accountancy package.

4. You may be prompted to allow access to ExpenseIn, please select Allow Access to the appropriate requests and Company data.
The two systems will then be connected again and all of the previous Integration settings will have been retained.

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