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Disconnect your Xero integration with ExpenseIn
Disconnect your Xero integration with ExpenseIn

How to disconnect your Xero accountancy package integration with ExpenseIn.

Written by Jack
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There are two ways to disconnect your Xero integration with ExpenseIn. 

  • Within ExpenseIn

  • Within Xero

Please note: You only need to disconnect in one of the above areas to remove the integration connection between ExpenseIn and Xero.

To disconnect in ExpenseIn:

1. Navigate to Admin and click on Integration.

2. Click on Actions, next to your Xero connection, and choose Disconnect

To disconnect in Xero:

1. Navigate to Settings and click on Connected Apps

2. Click on the Disconnect option next to ExpenseIn. 

3. In the pop-up window click Disconnect. You have the option to add a reason why you are disconnecting

Please review our FAQ's or contact us via Live Chat or by emailing with any of your ExpenseIn system queries.

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