ExpenseIn utilises a combination of web and mobile technologies to allow users to manage their expenses on the go and online. By using the latest cloud technology, ExpenseIn provides a highly accessible solution with minimal system dependencies.

Browser requirements
The web portal is officially compatible with all modern browsers including Internet Explorer (10 and above), Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The web portal also works with a number of other browsers including mobile browsers providing that JavaScript is enabled. The use of JavaScript ensures the site is modern and provides an enhanced user experience for the users. This is a standard requirement in any modern web application.

There is no minimum resolution as the site will automatically scale to work with various screen sizes, however for finance and reporting operations it is recommended that a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768 is used. The website itself is accessed via the HTTPS protocol using industry standard RSA2048 SHA256 bit encryption to ensure that all data passed from the client browser to and from our servers is secure. It is important that client browsers also support TLS 1.2. This may be an issue for if using Internet Explorer 10 in order versions of Windows Operating System.

Mobile App requirements
ExpenseIn supports the major mobile operating systems including; Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Phone. The table below outlines the minimum version for each mobile platform.

The mobile app is updated regularly to ensure future compatibility with new mobile operating systems and features. The app is available through the corresponding store channels. This is no additional charge for downloading the mobile app and a link is included in all welcome emails sent from the system. There is no requirement to use the mobile app and expenses can be created and submitted via the web portal as well.

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