Add new user account needs or update existing passwords stored in the integration connector application by following the steps below.

1. Double-click to open the ExpenseIn Connector from your desktop.

2. Click the Options menu found top-left.

3. Click Configure.

4. In the Connector Configuration box:

To change the saved Sage 50 details:

  • Click Clear Credentials to remove the stored Sage 50 details.

  • Click Add Credentials.

  • Enter the Sage 50 Logon name and Password.

  • Click Save in the Sage 50 Accounts - Credentials box.

To change the saved ExpenseIn details:

  • Click Sign Out to remove the stored ExpenseIn details.

  • Click Sign In.

  • Enter the Email Address and Password.

  • Click Save in the ExpenseIn Sign In box.

5. Click Close, found bottom-right, in the Connector Configuration box.

If you have any queries regarding posting expenses to Sage 50, please contact us via Live Chat or by emailing

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