ExpenseIn allows you to securely communicate information about new starters and leavers by sending a simple CSV data file via SFTP.

Want to take advantage of the File Delivery feature? In that case, we recommend contacting your IT colleagues to see if your HR system can produce a CSV data file of employee information and to check access is available to an SFTP tool.

Please download our user upload template to view a sample of the required CSV file format. The file specification is as follows:

The file must be of a CSV format, and all column heading must be present.

Column Data Required Comments

First Name Yes

Last Name Yes

Email Address Yes

Reference Yes

Department No Department Name or Department Reference

Leaving Date No DD/MM/YYYY

If subscribed to our Business or Enterprise subscription plans, and you would like to find out more about setting up this integration feature on your account, please contact our Support team via live chat or email at support@expensein.com.

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