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Add an SFTP outbound file delivery
Add an SFTP outbound file delivery

Set up outbound file delivery by entering your server details for your file delivery target.

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Allow Finance users to send expense exports to your company's SFTP site by entering your qualified SFTP URL and server details in the Admin area.

You can set up outbound file delivery on the File Delivery tab from the Integration section in the Admin area.

We recommend that a member of your IT team completes the steps below to set up outbound file delivery.

Set up Outbound File Delivery for SFTP

1. Click the New Outbound button.

2. Enter the server details for your outbound file delivery target in the New Outbound File Delivery box:

  • Type - select SFTP

  • Name - enter the display name you want to use.

  • URL - enter the fully qualified SFTP URL including any subdomains. Example; s If required, the URL can include a custom port number.

  • Username - enter the username required to connect to your SFTP server.

  • Password - enter the correct password (for the username you entered) needed to complete the connection to your SFTP server.

  • Confirm Password - enter the same password for confirmation.

3. Double-check the details entered for each field in the New Outbound File Delivery box, and click the Create button once confident they are correct.

If you wish to whitelist the IP addresses of ExpenseIn's servers, please use the following IP addresses. Please note, these are subject to change.



Please contact our support team via email at if you have queries.

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