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Getting started with invoice approval
Getting started with invoice approval

Start using our brand new invoicing module today and save hours processing invoices each month.

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Our new invoicing module provides real-time invoice scanning, automated approval and the ability to submit purchase requests. If you would like to find out more or start a free trial, please email

Once enabled, it could not be easier to start using the new invoicing module, and we have highlighted the key areas below to help you get started:

Switching modules

The invoicing module is accessible from the same intuitive web portal using your existing credentials. You can switch between the expenses and invoices module at any time using the updated top menu:

Update your approval flows

ExpenseIn uses a separate approval flow setting from department, projects and users when routing purchase requests and invoices for approval. You will need to update your departments, projects and users to assign a relevant approval flow. This allows you to have different approval routing for the expenses and invoicing modules.

Create your first invoice policy

Just like creating expense policies, you can create a dedicated invoice policy within the Admin area. Set the invoice rules to handle routine checks like; checking supplier bank details, ensure that the invoice amount will never exceed the approved purchase request balance, and turn on auto-approval when an invoice is assigned to a purchase request, plus more.

Once created policies can be assigned to the suppliers you add to ExpenseIn.

Add your suppliers

The next step is to add your current supplier list to your ExpenseIn account. The quickest way to do this is to import your supplier list from the Finance area within the invoicing module. From the Suppliers page click Import and Upload your file with at least the name and reference populated:

Once created, we recommend assigning a policy and approval flow.

Upload your first invoice

From the Finance section within the invoicing module, click the Upload button from the top bar:

You can upload multiple PDF invoices which will be scanned as part of the upload process. This typically takes a couple of seconds per invoice.

Once uploaded, click on each invoice and click Review. From the review screen you will be able to code line items to categories, projects and departments as required in addition to assigning any open purchase requests.

If you are ready to submit the invoice for approval, click Save & Submit otherwise click Save. The policy and approval flow assigned to the supplier will determine whether the invoice requires approval and the approval hierarchy.

Completing approved invoices

Once invoices have been approved you can export or post your data by selecting your invoices from the Approved page and clicking Export. Similar to expenses, you will have the same file and direct integration options available.

Please note: If using your existing direct integration, it is important to update your integration mappings for invoices. Please contact our Support team if you need any help with this.

Using purchase requests

If you wish for your users to raise purchase requests, you must enable this permission on their user profile:

Once enabled, users will be able to access the My Purchases section within the new invoicing module to add and submit purchase requests.

In the same way, as the user's expenses require approval, any purchase request submitted will also need to be approved. The approval flow used will be determined by the selected project, selected department or the approval flow assigned to the user. Please see Understanding Approval Flows for more details.

Once approved, purchase requests will need to be accepted from within the Finance section. You will receive an email notification when there are any approved purchase requests that require acceptance.

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