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Email an invoice to ExpenseIn
Email an invoice to ExpenseIn

Understanding how to email a supplier invoice to ExpenseIn.

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If you have any invoices that have been sent to your email inbox, you can forward these to us to add to your account.

All invoices emailed to will be uploaded to the Draft area in the Finance section within the Invoicing module, for your Finance team to manage.

Please note: If a user has the 'Add & Submit Invoices' permission turned on in their user profile, invoices that are emailed will instead be uploaded to the user's 'My Invoices' area.

1. Forward the email containing your invoice to

2. Once your invoice has been uploaded you will get an email notification.

3. ExpenseIn will scan your emailed invoices and they will reside in your Draft invoices area within Finance.

How does the feature work?

ExpenseIn will look for PDF file attachments or, if there are no attachments, will automatically convert the body of the email into a PDF document.

Please note: Screenshots or other embedded images of invoices should not be emailed in this way and will not appear in the created PDF file.

Adding alternative email addresses

You may want to register an alternative email address to send your invoices from. This can be useful if you have any invoices that have been sent to your personal email address.

  1. Navigate to the settings cog in top right-hand side of your account.

  2. Choose My Profile.

  3. Select Alternative Email Addresses from the list.

  4. Click New Email Address and add the email address.

  5. Once added, ExpenseIn will send you an email, asking you to verify your alternative email address.

Linked account users

If you are a linked account user, you will be able to specify the linked account you would like your invoice to be uploaded to. You can do so by adding your required linked account number in front of the email address, followed by a full stop. If no linked account number is present when emailing an invoice, the system will use the default account flagged in My Profile.

For example, a linked user of the linked accounts 100000 ABC Ltd and 100001 ABD Ltd can email invoices directly to the latter linked account by emailing these to

For more information on how to find your linked account number, click here.

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