If you have any invoices that have been sent to your email inbox, you can forward these to us to add to your account.

All invoices emailed to invoices@expensein.com will be uploaded to the Draft area in the Finance section within the Invoicing module, for your Finance team to manage.

1. Forward the email containing your invoice to invoices@expensein.com.

2. Once your invoice has been uploaded you will get an email notification.

3. ExpenseIn will scan your emailed invoices and they will reside in your Draft invoices area within Finance.

How does the feature work?

ExpenseIn will look for PDF file attachments or, if there are no attachments, will automatically convert the body of the email into a PDF document.

Please note: Screenshots or other embedded images of invoices should not be e-mailed in this way and will not appear in the created PDF file.

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