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Invoices export history
Invoices export history

How to access invoice data that has been previously exported from Invoices

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The Export History section within the Invoicing Finance area enables you to keep track of all of the exports/downloads and postings performed, so you can access them again at any time. The data is retained on ExpenseIn for seven years, in line with HMRC compliance.

On the Exports tab, you can use the Filter feature to specify your search criteria by using the Export Date and Export Format.

Once you locate the correct export you require, click on the Actions button.

  • Select the Download option to obtain a copy of the file previously exported file, that takes into account any admin updates that have since been made.

  • The Download As... option allows you to download the file using a different export format.

  • Clicking on the file name link will download an exact copy of the original file.

If you are using the direct integration feature to post invoices to your accountancy package, you can view a history of your postings on the Postings tab.

Here you can also use the Filter feature to specify your search criteria by using your Posting Date and your Transaction Reference.

  • Transaction Reference is the reference shown in your accounting package after posting the invoice. This will be displayed in the format Bill EIxxxx.

Click the Refresh option to get the most up-to-date posting status.

The invoices showing the Complete green tag, had been successfully posted on the displayed date.

Please note: Any invoice where posting had initially Failed and has been Retried will also be displayed.

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