Please note: Only the user submitting the purchase request can delete it. The steps below demonstrate how to move the purchase request through the system to enable the user to delete it.

Purchase requests that are Awaiting Approval will need to be deleted by the user that has submitted the request from their draft area. The user will first need to either Recall the purchase request or have it Rejected by the approver.

Click here for more information on how a user deletes their purchase requests.

To remove a purchase request that is in the Approved section, you'll need to click on the entry to expand it and select Reject.

The user will then be able to delete the purchase request from their Draft area.

If you need to remove a purchase request that has been Accepted, then you'll need to Unaccept the purchase request. The purchase request will then return to the Approved section where it'll need to be Rejected so the user can delete it.

If the purchase request that you'd like to remove is Closed, you'll need to use the Filter options to locate it. You'll then be able to click and expand the purchase request and select Reopen.

The purchase request will then return to the Accepted area, where you'll be able to follow the steps above for the Accepted and Approved sections so the user can delete the purchase request.

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