Saved card statement import mappings can be deleted from the Import Card Statement box. You'll need to delete a saved mapping and recreate the mapping if you wish to make any changes to the currently saved mappings.

Follow the steps below to delete a saved mapping:

1. Check the saved import mappings, click the Import button in the Finance area.

2. Review the saved mapping name you wish to delete under the Available Mappings drop-down by selecting the name.

Compare the saved mapping to the CSV file normally imported and continue with the next steps if you are sure you wish to delete it.

3. Click Manage... found next to Available Mappings and all saved mappings will be displayed in the Manage Import Formats box.

4. Click the red cross against the saved mapping name to be deleted.

5. Click Done once you're happy that the remaining saved mappings are the correct mappings to keep.

Please note: It is recommended that each saved naming is given a unique mapping name. This will make selecting the correct mapping easier when completing a card statement import.

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