In order to utilise our direct integration, you will need to link your Sage 200c Professional accountancy package to ExpenseIn. For security reasons, ExpenseIn will never link your ExpenseIn account and accountancy package together for you. This must be done by an authorised person from your company.

Please note: As Sage 200 Professional is an on-premise installation, Sage requires additional steps to be performed before you can configure the Sage 200c Professional Direct Integration feature in ExpenseIn. Please click here for the Sage requirements. We recommend that your IT team or Sage partner review the instructions detailed in this link and follow the steps carefully.

To connect your accountancy package to ExpenseIn for integration:

1. Click on Admin.

2. Click on Integration.

3. Click on the Connect button within the Sage 200c Professional section.

4. You will now be directed to the Sage Sign in page, where you are required to enter your Sage 200c Professional credentials.

Please note: We will not store or have access to your login credentials for your Sage 200c Professional accountancy package.

5. You should then see the following screen, explaining that ExpenseIn is requesting access to your Sage 200c Professional information.

If you are happy with this, please click Allow.

Please note: If you have multiple companies within your Sage 200c Professional setup, you will be asked to select which company you would like to connect to.

6. If you only have one company setup within Sage 200c Professional, this step will be skipped and you will now have successfully connected to Sage 200c Professional.

Please review our FAQ's or contact us via Live Chat or by emailing with any of your ExpenseIn system queries.

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