In order to utilise direct integration, you will need to link your AccountsIQ accountancy package to ExpenseIn. For security reasons, ExpenseIn will never link your ExpenseIn account and accountancy package together for you. This must be done by an authorised person from your company.

To connect your accountancy package to ExpenseIn for integration:

1. Click on Admin.

2. Click on Integration.

3. Click on the Connect button within the AccountsIQ section.

4. You will now be required to enter your AccountsIQ credentials. Click the Actions button, then Edit Credentials. You can generate a User Key from within AccountsIQ by going to Setup > Company Details & Settings > Integration (Request User Key).

You have now connected your AccountsIQ accountancy package and will see it listed in the Integrations section as such.

Please review our FAQ's or contact us via Live Chat or by emailing with any of your ExpenseIn system queries.

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