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Authorise ExpenseIn to connect to NetSuite
Authorise ExpenseIn to connect to NetSuite

How to connect your NetSuite accountancy package to ExpenseIn for integration.

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To utilise our direct integration, you will need to link your NetSuite accountancy package to ExpenseIn. For security reasons, ExpenseIn will never link your ExpenseIn account and accountancy package together for you. This must be done by an authorised person from your company.


Before connecting your NetSuite account to ExpenseIn, it is essential that you add the ExpenseIn customisation bundle to your NetSuite account via Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles, by searching for "ExpenseIn" in the Keywords search bar and installing this.

Our NetSuite integration also uses an authentication mechanism called Token Based Authentication (TBA). This is not enabled by default, so please check the following features are enabled on your NetSuite account, by navigating to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud:

Client SuiteScript

Server SuiteScript

SOAP Web Service

Token-Based Authentication

Finally, please ensure the user authenticating the integration has the following permissions enabled to use TBA:

SOAP Web Services

User Access Tokens

To connect your accountancy package to ExpenseIn for integration:

1. Click on Admin.

2. Click on Integration.

3. Click on the Connect button within the NetSuite section.

4. You will now be redirected to the Oracle NetSuite login page to authenticate with NetSuite.
โ€‹Please note: We will not store or have access to your login credentials for your NetSuite accountancy package.

5. You should see the following screen, explaining that ExpenseIn is requesting access to your NetSuite user information.

If you are happy with this, click Allow.

You have now connected your NetSuite accountancy package and will see it listed in the Integrations section as such.

Please review our FAQs or contact us via Live Chat or by emailing with any of your ExpenseIn system queries.

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