Add a custom domain

Complete your ad hoc whitelabel configuration by adding a custom domain.

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By default, the ad hoc expenses module can be accessed by navigating to In addition to being able to change the subdomain element, you can also configure a fully custom domain such as by following the steps below.

  1. You will need to contact our Implementation team at to request a custom domain. Simply send an email detailing your account number and the domain you would like to set up.

  2. ExpenseIn will add the custom domain to your account and provision an SSL certificate to ensure in-transit security is maintained.

  3. Your IT team will need to add a new CNAME DNS record to point your custom domain to the default ad hoc domain configured for your account. For example, if your default domain is and your custom domain is, your IT team would add the following DNS record:

    • Name:

    • Type: CNAME

    • TTL: 300 seconds (Recommended)

    • Value:

The exact steps to add the CNAME will vary depending on your DNS provider.

For information on setting up a custom domain for the Ad Hoc expenses module, please contact us.

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