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Approve and reject expenses
Approve and reject expenses

As an approver you can click on a user's expenses to approve or reject their expense claim.

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Once an expense is submitted, the approver will get a notification in the Approval section at the top of the page. 

Any submitted expenses will reside in the Awaiting Approval area. This is where an approver can check the expense information by clicking on the expense line.

What can you do in the Approval area?

  • Use filter fields to filter down the expenses.

  • Use the Select All option to approve or reject expenses en masse.

  • View the attached receipts.

  • See if there are any policy issues.

  • View the history of the expense.

  • Edit the expense. Please note: This feature may not be turned on for you depending on account settings defined by your company ExpenseIn Administrators.

  • Download expenses to PDF. 

Approvers can then decide whether they want to approve or reject expenses. If the approver decides to reject some expenses they can select them and click Reject. You will have to add a reason for the rejection. 

You can see any expenses that have been approved in the Approved section.

Any expenses you have rejected will be in the Rejected section.

Once an expense has been rejected, it will go back to the end-user's Draft expense area. The end-user will also receive an email letting them know their expenses have been rejected. 

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