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Set up approval out of office
Set up approval out of office

Delegate a fellow user to approve expenses on your behalf when you are out of the office

Written by Jack
Updated over a week ago

If you are an approver of expenses and will be out of the office you can use our Out of Office option to delegate a fellow user to approve submitted expenses on your behalf. 

To set up your own out of office please follow the steps below:

1. Click on Approval and then Out of Office 

2. Click Enable Out of Office

3. Click Only during this period to set a date and time range if there is a clear start and end date for your leave. This is an optional setting.

4. Click in the Delegate Approval to box and start typing the name or email address of a user you would like to delegate approval to. Click on their name to allocate. 

5. Double check the details you have entered are correct.

6. Click Update to set your out of office. 

If the delegate’s expenses go to you for approval, their expenses will stay in your Awaiting Approval section until your return. The delegate cannot approve or see their own expenses.

If Out of Office is not available to you, please ask an Administrator from your company to turn this feature on for the account in the Advanced Settings area. 

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