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Advanced settings

This is where you can customise your account by toggling on features that are important to you.

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1. From the Admin area, navigate to Advanced Settings.

2. The Expenses tab will allow you to tick any settings that you would like to have present on your account. 

3. Navigate to the Receipts tab. Here you can decide which receipt settings you would like to apply.

4. Navigate to the Invoices tab for setting an Invoicing module setting. Tick the below settings if you require uploaded invoices to be created with multiple lines.

5. Navigate to the Approval tab. Here you can apply settings that solely affect your Approvers. 

6. Navigate to the Finance tab. Here you can apply settings that solely affect your finance team. 

7. Navigate to the Notifications tab. Here you can apply settings that will affect what email notifications your users receive.

Please note: If you require multiple email addresses to receive Finance Notification Emails you will need to set up a group email address.

8. Navigate to the New Users tab. Here you can apply settings that will affect any future added or imported users. 

Please note: These settings will not affect current users. If you would like to change your current users' settings, please check out our User article for more information on customising your users' settings. 

9. Navigate to the Account tab. Here you can enable settings to allow your users to edit their personal details, personal bank details (if being stored in the user profiles), set the password complexity required for your user accounts in line with your company compliance rules, rename the Project field present on an expense when using Projects, and enforce that your user references are unique to each user.

Please note: The password complexity is set to 8 characters long by default.

Remember to click Update to apply your advanced settings.

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