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Search completed expenses
Search completed expenses

Use this article to help view or report on all historical completed expense data.

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To view or report on all completed expense data from the Finance area please follow the steps below:

Information - A rolling 7 years' worth of historic completed expense data will always be available to keep your expense reporting aligned with HMRC needs.

Search Completed Expenses

1. Navigate to the Completed section in the Finance area and click on Search Expenses.

2. Define your search by using the Date filter to set a date range and utilise the other filters available.

You can use the Search filter field to search for a specific Expense Number, Submission Number (omitting the EI prefix) and to search for a specific user's expenses by typing the user's full name.

3. Click the Search button after setting your filters to find the data matching your criteria.

4. All returned data will be grouped by user and department. Click on the user's name to expand the grouped expenses and click on an expense to view each one individually.

Once you have reviewed the data, you have the option to export any data results returned to any available Export Format set up on the account.

Export Search Results

If you would like to export the data found from your search to a PDF or CSV export format, please follow the steps in our help video and guide: Export completed expenses to PDF or CSV.

Edit Completed Expenses

If there are any expenses in the Completed section that require editing, please follow the steps in the Edit a completed expense help article.

Important information - Marking expenses as incomplete may affect any reports you have previously generated. Once expenses are sent back to the Approved section, their status will also reset to unpaid, unreconciled, or unbilled and they will be processed again.

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