Click on Finance, on the heading at the top of the screen and navigate to Search Expenses, within the Completed section.

The completed area has lots of filters available that you can use to search for specific expenses.

You should use the filters to refine your search criteria. 

Export Data Found

Within this area, you may want to export the expense data found to PDF or CSV. An Export button is available for you to access the Export Formats set-up in the Admin area of the account.  

Edit a Completed Expense

If there are expenses in the Completed section which you need to edit you will need to move them back to the Approved section to do so. Select the expense(s) and click Mark as Incomplete to send them back to the Approval section for editing. 

Please note - Only Finance Administrators can mark expenses as incomplete.

Important Information

Marking expenses as incomplete may affect any reports you have generated, this is because once expenses are back to the Approved section, their status is reset to Unpaid, Unreconciled or Unbilled and they will be processed again.

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