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Reset two-step authentication
Reset two-step authentication

Answers to the most common questions around two-step authentication.

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Due to the secure nature of two-step authentication we have included some common questions below.

How can I sign in if I lose or change my mobile device?

If you know in advance that you will be getting a new mobile device, you should sign in to ExpenseIn using your current device, and reset your two-step authentication. 

  1. When signed into your ExpenseIn account click the Cog in the top right-hand corner and then My Profile.

  2. Click Two-step authentication from the left-hand menu. 

  3. Finally, click Reset Two-step Authentication.

The next time you sign in you will be able to configure a new device. 

If you are unable to sign in using your device, please contact your account administrator who can reset or turn off two-step authentication on your behalf.

My phone won't recognise the QR barcode?

If your phone does not scan the barcode try moving your phone further away from the screen. Certain devices work better further away than you would think, in particular Google Android devices. 

Why can't I sign in using the authentication code?

Each authentication code generated by your mobile authenticator app is only valid for a short period of time and is based on the time zone you're in. If you have manually changed the time on your device or if you are not entering the code quick enough the code may be rejected by our system. It is recommended that you use automatic time on any mobile device. 

What do I do if I can't sign in?

If you have followed the steps outlined above and you are still unable to sign in you should contact your account administrator who can reset or turn off your two-step authentication on your behalf.

In the case where an account administrator is unable to help or is also unable to sign in, they can contact ExpenseIn support at or call us on +44 333 414 1808. 

Please note: We will need to verify your identity and this may take some time before we are able to reset your account.

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