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Learn how to add existing users to your linked ExpenseIn accounts.

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If a linked account has been created for you, you may want to link your existing users so that they have access to the linked accounts. Once added, you will be able to manage the users within this account.

1. From the Admin area, by default, you are already in the Users section.

2. Click the Link Users button. 

3. Add existing users from other linked account(s) to this account. Select the users by ticking the box next to their name and clicking Add

4. The user(s) from the linked account will now appear in your Users list. The linked users will be sent an email explaining that they have been added to the account and are told that they can now switch between the linked accounts.

5. You can now manage those users on this account. For example, you may want to manage their permissions and assign them as approvers.

Please note: If you have different password complexity settings enabled for your linked accounts, the most complex option will take priority over a lesser setting. For example, if linked account 1 has a medium setting applied, and linked account 2 has a high setting applied, both accounts will enforce the high settings. See the Advanced Settings article below for more information on setting the password complexity.

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