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Add users to assist, or remove users being assisted, in an existing PA Assist setup.

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You can change the Users being assisted, or change the Assistant, within an existing PA Assist. To do this:

  1. Within the Admin section, go to PA Assist.

2. Click Edit found at the end of the PA Assist setup you would like to change. 

Change the chosen Assistant:

  • Click on the current Assistant name.

  • Select a different user from the drop-down list to become the new Assistant.

Change the Users being Assisted:

  • Remove a user by clicking their name to remove the tick.

  • Add a user by finding them in the Assistant For list and clicking their name to add the tick. 

3. Click Update once you have made your required changes.

Please note: you can change a PA Assist setup as little or as often as you like. 

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