In the Finance area under the Approved section expenses are held until they have been  Completed. As a Finance User you are able to Add a Policy Issue or Clear a Policy Issue from an Approved expense.  

Use the Filter options to help you review all Policy Issues currently held in Billable, Cash Advance, Company Card, Fuel Card, Reimbursable or any Custom Purchase method.

  • Click the Policy Issue drop-down
  • Select Yes
  • Click Update

Follow the below steps to Add or Clear a Policy Issue from an Approved expense: 

1 - Click on the Username to expand to see the expense

2 - Click on the expense you wish to clear the Policy Issue from and review.

3 - When ready click the Policy drop-down button

4 - Click Add Issue or Clear Policy

  • Click Continue if you are sure you wish to remove the Policy Issue 
  • Enter Details in the Add Policy Issue box and click OK

You will now see a red Policy Issue label has been added or removed from the expense. 

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