Add custom purchase methods

In addition to the system purchase methods, you can add your own purchase methods.

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Your account will already be populated with the standard system purchase methods such as Out of Pocket, Fuel Card, Company Card and Cash Advance. You can add new custom purchase methods to your account from the Admin section. 

Custom purchase methods are visible to all users and visibility cannot currently be restricted. Custom purchase methods will always be configured as reconcilable rather than reimbursable. 

1.  From Admin, click Purchase Methods.

2. Click the New Purchase Method button.

3. Enter the name for your new purchase method:

  • You can also select an icon for the custom purchase method. The icon will be used on the mobile app and web portal to help users identify different receipts. 

4. When you are happy, click Create

The new custom purchase method can now be selected by users when creating a purchase expense. Once approved, expenses can be reconciled from the Finance section. 

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