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Re-send a user invitation
Re-send a user invitation

How to send an invitation email and resend a user's invitation if it has expired.

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Email verification links will expire 28 days from when the email is sent. Once the link has expired you will need to follow the below steps to resend the invitation to the user. 

Sending or re-sending a user invite is done the same way from the Admin section.

1. Navigate to Admin, then Users.

2. Select the User(s) you wish to send or resend an invitation to.

3. Click the Actions button and select to Send/Resend Invitation from the drop-down.

The selected user(s) will receive an email containing a link for them to follow to verify their email address. After clicking the link, the user will set up a password to access their ExpenseIn account. 

Please note: If you have enabled Single-Sign On (SSO) only, your users will be unable to log in using an email and password, after they have completed the email address verification and password setup.

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