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You can add new users to your account from the Admin section. Users can be added individually or you have the option to import your users.

Please note: If the user you are adding is part of an approval flow, please see the related article at the bottom of this page on setting up your approval flow.

1. From the Admin section, by default, you are already in the Users area.

2. Click the New User button.

3. On the Details tab fill out the user information. You will need to have already set up your Departments, Policies, Approval Flows and User Groups to apply them at this stage, but this may be done at a later date too. 

4. The Reference field is where you can input the reference your user is set up within your accountancy package. This usually helps to identify the user when exporting the expenses.


Please note: If the Advanced Setting: 'User references must be unique' is ticked on in the Account tab, then the user reference entered for each user must be unique and always populated.

5. The Statement Identifier is used to match expenses to the correct user when importing multi-user company card statements into ExpenseIn. The Statement Identifier is usually the account name or reference as it appears on the statement.

6. Tick the Access Permissions that you wish this user to have. Hover over the question mark icon to get more information on the different permissions. 

7. On the Settings tab, you can select the types of expenses the user can create as well as other configurations for that user.

8. If you would like to send that user their invite to use the account, ensure that the Send Invite box is ticked. Alternatively, you may want to set up the majority of the configuration on your account before you send the user invites. 

Two-Step Authentication - Optional

You can enable Two-Step Authentication on your users' profile. Enabling this will mean that your users have to add a verification code each time they sign into their account. 

Once you're happy, click Create to add that user to your account.

Employment Tab

The Employment tab is only used when scheduling a leaving date for a User/Employee; or when reinstating a leaver who has returned to the business.

Bank Details Tab - Optional

If you require your users' bank details to be held in ExpenseIn for reporting purposes, enter them in the Bank Details tab.

Your users can also add their bank details themselves within their My Profile section.

Additional Information

Please note: You can change your default user settings from the Advanced Settings menu. This will not affect current users but will apply user settings to any future users.

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