Admin Users have access to be able to change a User's details, permissions and settings at any time. 

1. From the Admin section, click Users.

2. Find the user you wish to make a change for by using the Filter options available.

3. Click Edit, found at the right-hand side of the User record and the Edit User box will be displayed.

4. Make your required changes:

Details Tab Change Options

  • You can change Users personal information on the Details Tab by overwriting the current data.

  • You can change a Users Permissions on the Details Tab by selecting or deselecting from the Permissions options.

  • You can change the Approval Flow assigned to the user by clicking the Approval Flow (optional) drop-down and selecting a new Approval Flow. 

  • If set up in the Admin section first, you will be able to change User Custom Field data and/or User Groups by clicking each field option to make the required change. 

Settings Tab Change Options

  • Click to tick or untick to change the Expense Type access for the User.

  • Click to tick or untick to allow the User access to additional functions: Import their own Credit Card statement, Manage their own Company Vehicles details or Change the Department when creating an expense.

Two-Step Authentication Tab Change Options

  • Click to tick or untick Two-step Authentication enabled. When ticked the User will be required to enter their registered email address, password and verification passcode to gain access to their account. 

5. Click Update, found in the bottom right, to save the changes you have made.

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