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User Permission Options
User Permission Options

The different permission options available for your users.

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Permissions can be assigned to a user when they are created, or they can be edited by going to the Users screen within the Admin area.

There are eight permission options available and users can be set up with one or more of these access permissions. 

Add and Submit Expenses - This is a standard user who can create and submit expenses.

Add and Submit Purchase Requests - Allows users to add and submit purchase requests within the invoicing module.

Add and Submit Invoices - Allows users to add and submit invoices from the My Invoices section within the invoicing module.

Finance User - Gives access to the Finance tab for management of approved expenses and reporting.

Finance Administrator - Allows users to delete approved expenses and mark processed expenses as incomplete. 

Account Administrator - An account administrator can add or remove users, change system settings and manage payments. 

Billing - If selected, users will receive billing notifications and will also be able to view and download invoices. 

Manage Ad Hoc Users - (Ad Hoc customers only) Access to add ad hoc users and pre-registrations.

Auditor - The auditor permission provides read-only access to the Finance section. 

A user with no access permissions will need to be set up as part of an approval flow in Admin to gain access to both the web portal and mobile app. Users set up in Admin as a PA with no other permissions will gain access only to the web portal. 

To view the permissions information, you can edit a user and hover over the question mark next to Permissions.

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