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Advanced Settings: Account tab
Advanced Settings: Account tab

Explanation of all advanced settings found under the Account tab, in the Advanced Settings section within Admin.

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To access the advanced settings area, click Admin and then click Advanced Settings under the Account Setup menu.

Account Tab

Allow users to edit personal details - If enabled, users will be able to update their name and email address from their My Profile area in My Details.

Allow users to edit personal bank details - If enabled, users will be able to add or update their bank details from their My Profile area in My Bank Details.

Bank details format - Set the required format for users bank details. The options shown in the drop down list will vary depending on the country of your ExpenseIn account.

Required password complexity - Allows you to select a password complexity from the following options:

  1. Default (8 characters long)

  2. Medium (8 characters long, 1 numeric)

  3. High (8 characters long, 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 non-alphanumeric)

Project field label - The name entered into the Project field label box will be the name that users see when selecting a project on an expense from My Expenses, Approved or Finance.

User references must be unique - When enabled, users on the account cannot have the same user reference. This is particularly useful if using the file delivery, or the API, to synchronise user data and needing to ensure uniqueness.

Please note: You can hover over the blue question mark icons to remind you what each setting is for.

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