Please follow the steps below to export the current status of the imported company card expenses from the Imports and Exports section in the Finance area.

Please add a copy of the Card Statement Status Report from the CSV library to the Export Formats section, in the Admin area of the account before following the steps to export the data. 

Please see our Add export formats article for help on how to customise the Card Statement Status Report or how to create your own bespoke CSV export format.

Export the data

Please follow the steps below to export the company card expense data:

1. Ensure you are in the Finance area of the system. 

2. Click on Card Statements from Import and Exports section.

3. Locate the relevant statement by using the Filter options available.

4. Select the data you wish to export or tick the Select All option.

5. Click the Export button and choose Export Selected.

  • Populate the Report Name in the Export Expenses box.

  • Select the CSV format you need.

  • Tick the Include receipts check box if you would like a separate folder containing the receipts to be included as part of the data export. 

6. Click Export and your report will be downloaded to your computer.

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