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Run the mileage pdf report
Run the mileage pdf report

How to run a PDF report of your mileage expenses.

Written by Jack
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Please note: If you are unable to see the Mileage PDF Report option when exporting, you will need to contact your Finance team to grant you access to it.

To run the mileage pdf report, which displays the journey and expense information for the selected expenses:

1. In My Expenses, click on the relevant area to report on e.g. Approved.

2. Use the Filter link to locate the relevant expenses. To filter just mileage expenses, you can use the Expense Type filter.

3. Select the relevant expenses in the list by ticking the box next to them.

Please note: The Mileage PDF report will only display information on Mileage expenses, regardless of any other expense types that are ticked here.

4. Click on the Export button and click on Selected.

5. Give the report a name and ensure you select the Mileage PDF Report, at the bottom of the list. 

6. Click on Export

7. Open the report that is downloaded. It will include a front page, with a summary of information and the following pages will contain the details for the expenses selected.

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