The standard CSV export option is always available and will remain available after turning on direct integration with Xero. 

There are three steps to follow to ensure ExpenseIn can post expense purchase data directly to Xero. Follow each step to benefit from Xero direct integration: 

1. Authorise ExpenseIn to connect to Xero.

2. Add Xero integration mapping settings.  

3. Test a posting to Xero. 

Completing the above steps means ExpenseIn maps to Xero and data flows between the two systems.

Please note: When posting expenses to Xero, any attached receipts will also be attached to the Bill created in Xero. Due to Xero attachment limits, a maximum of 10 files can be attached to each bill. In the event where there are more than 10 files, ExpenseIn will upload a single Zip folder to Xero.

You can disconnect ExpenseIn from Xero at anytime and your business will always remain in control of direct integration. Please follow the steps in the Disconnect Xero Help Article whenever you wish to disconnect. 

Please review our FAQ's or contact us via Live Chat or by emailing with any of your ExpenseIn system queries.

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