The standard CSV export option is always available and will remain available after configuring the Sage 50 integration connector.

Our Implementation Team will guide you through each step of the configuration process so you can benefit from the Sage 50 integration feature as soon as possible. There are three steps to be completed to ensure your ExpenseIn account can post expense data directly to Sage 50:

Step 1. Add Sage 50 integration mapping to the Admin area

Step 2. Install the Sage 50 Integration Connector with support from our Implementation Team.

Step 3. Test a posting to Sage 50.

You can uninstall the ExpenseIn Sage 50 integration connector at any time and your business will always remain in control of the integration tool. Please follow the steps in the Uninstall Sage 50 connector Help Article whenever you wish to disconnect.

If you would like to benefit from the direct posting of expense transactions to Sage 50, please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing for more information.

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