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Create, edit and assign an invoice policy
Create, edit and assign an invoice policy

Follow the steps to create an invoice policy, turn on policy rules and assign an invoice policy to your suppliers for the invoicing module.

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Just like creating expense policies, you can create a dedicated invoice policy within the Admin area.

Set the invoice rules to handle routine checks on invoices and purchase requests submitted in the invoicing module. The rule options are as follows:

  • Block - Invoices cannot be submitted if they break the policy rule. The policy issue must be addressed before the expense can be submitted.

  • Warn - The user must review the system warning and click the Continue button to submit the invoice if they are happy to proceed. If not, the user must click the Cancel button to go back and make the required changes.

  • Report - No warnings are displayed to the submitter, but are visible to the Approver and Finance users.

  • Off - The policy rule does not apply.

Create or edit an invoice policy

1. From Admin, click Policies.

2. Click on the Invoices tab and then the New Policy button to create a new policy; or the Edit button to edit an existing policy.

3. On the Details tab, give the policy a name. Adding a description is optional but can be useful when editing rules in the future.

  • Enable auto-approve so that invoices assigned to a purchase request skip the approval process, after the invoice has been submitted.

4. On the Invoices tab, turn on the rules that you require.

5. On the Purchase Requests tab, turn on the rules that you require.

6. Click Create to add the policy to your account, or click Update to complete your amendments.

Assign a policy to your suppliers

Once created, an invoice policy should be assigned to the suppliers that you have added.

1. In the Invoicing module, go to the Finance section.

2. Go to the Suppliers section and select the supplier(s) you want to assign an invoice policy to, tick the box next to their name to do this.

3. Click Actions and select Change Policy.

4. Select the policy you wish to assign from the dropdown list.

Alternatively, you can click Edit next to each Supplier and assign the policy on an individual basis.

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