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Add a supplier

How to add a supplier in the invoicing module.

Written by Jack
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You can add a Supplier in the invoicing module from the Finance section. Suppliers can be added individually, or you have the option to import your suppliers.

Please note: If you require suppliers to be set up with an invoice policy and approval flow, these will need to be created beforehand.

1. Go to Invoicing and then the Finance area.

2. In the Suppliers section, click the New Supplier button.

3. Fill out the Supplier details in the New Supplier pop-out window.

  • Name - name of the supplier.

  • Reference - the reference should match to the supplier reference from your accountancy package.

  • Payment Method - select how you pay that supplier's invoices.

  • Payment Terms (days) - how many days you have to pay a suppliers invoice.

  • VAT Number - the VAT number for the supplier.

  • Invoice Policy - select the policy that applies to this supplier.

  • Approval Flow - select the approval flow that applies to this supplier.

  • Account Number / IBAN - bank account number for the supplier.

  • Sort Code - sort code for the supplier.

4. The Active box will be ticked by default. Untick this option if you wish to create a supplier that is inactive. Please note, invoices can only be raised against active suppliers.

5. Ensure the details you have entered are correct and click Create.

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