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Adding and submitting purchase requests
Adding and submitting purchase requests

How to create a purchase request and submit for approval.

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You can create a new purchase request from the My Purchases area by following the steps below.

1. Click New Request.

2. Fill in the details of your request on the Details tab.

Please Note: If you are creating a recurring purchase request the amount should cover the total spend to be approved. We also recommend you set an End Date.

3. You can drag and drop files to attach to your request or click the Browse for file(s).. button to find and upload a file saved on your computer.

4. Click on the Items tab to fill in the item line(s) as required.

5. Once you are happy with your purchase request, click on the Save & Submit button to save it and submit it for approval.

Please note: If you are not ready to submit your purchase request, click the Save button to save it to your Draft area. You'll also be able to Duplicate your purchase requests from the Draft area.

Submit draft purchase requests

To submit a purchase request from your Draft area, click on the purchase request to expand it and click on the Submit button.

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