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Upload, review and submit an invoice
Upload, review and submit an invoice

Steps explaining how to upload invoices or credit notes, review, submit and assign to a purchase request.

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Upload company invoices or credit notes to the Finance area in the invoicing module and benefit from OCR scanning of the invoice details. Once uploaded, you can review, amend if needed, assign to the matching purchase request or submit for approval.

Upload an invoice

1. Click the Upload button from the top bar:

2. Click the Choose Files button and select the invoice(s) you would like to upload.

  • You can upload multiple PDF invoices, which will be scanned as part of the upload process. This process typically takes a couple of seconds per invoice.

3. Click the Finished button once you have uploaded the invoices you need.

Review & submit an invoice

1. Click on each individual invoice uploaded to expand and see the invoice summary details and actions buttons.

2. Click the Review button to review the draft invoice.

At this stage, you'll also be able to add any notes to the draft invoice as well as any relevant attachments.

3. Check the invoice details on-screen match with the scanned data.

Please note: If this is an invoice from a new supplier that you are yet to add to your Suppliers list, you can create a new supplier and add this to your Suppliers list by clicking the Create New Supplier... option. You will then be prompted to input your new supplier details.

4. Select a Category, Department or Project for each line item.

5. Add a new line item by clicking the + Add New Line option. For example, you could split one line item into two lines if you need to apply more than one Category, Department, Project or Tax Rate.


Condense all invoice lines to one line by clicking the Condense Lines option. For example, if all invoice lines have the same category, department or project you can condense the line details to one line.

6. Click Assign purchase request.. to assign the invoice to an accepted purchase request.

7. Click on the corresponding purchase request and click the Assign button.

Please Note: If the Invoices policy has the below setting ticked a submitted invoice with an assigned purchase request will skip the approval stage when Save and Submit is clicked on the invoice.

8. Review the invoice one last time and click Save.

9. Click Save to submit later or Save & Submit to submit for approval straight away.

The policy and approval flow assigned to the supplier, department, or project will determine whether the invoice requires approval and the approval hierarchy.

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