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Creating an export schedule

How to create an export schedule for automatic report generation.

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You can create scheduled exports from the Finance area of the Expenses module. Please note, only users with Finance Administrator permission will be able to view and create export schedules.

You will need to ensure an Outbound File Delivery option is added in advance of creating any schedule. Please see our Add an email outbound file delivery or Add an SFTP outbound file delivery help guides to add your preferred route.

Please follow the steps below to create a Scheduled Export:

1. Navigate to the Imports and Exports section and click Export Schedules.

2. Click New Schedule.

3. On the Schedule tab, set up the schedule details:

  • Schedule Name - enter a name for the export schedule you are creating.

  • Frequency - choose how frequently you need the export report to be generated.

  • Hour & Minute - choose the time you would like the file to be sent.

  • Day Of Week - choose the day of the week the report is run (if Frequency: Weekly or Biweekly is selected).

  • Day Of Month - choose the day of the month the report is run (if Frequency: Monthly is selected).

  • Start Date - choose the date the schedule is active from. Defaults to today's date.

  • End Date (optional) - choose a date for the schedule to end.

  • Calendar - choose the relevant calendar for your region, which will determine non-working day rules.

  • Non-Working Day Rule - select how you would like the system to generate the report if it falls on a non-working day.

  • Untick the Is Active option to pause this export schedule. Only Active export schedules within the start and end date range will run.

4. On the Export tab, set up the export details:

  • Export Type - choose which type of expenses will be included in the report.

  • Export Format - choose which export format is to be used for the report.

  • File Delivery Endpoint - choose where the report should be sent when generated.

  • Report Name - enter a name for the scheduled report you are creating.

  • Tick Include Receipts and any attached receipts will be downloaded with the generated report.

5. Set the Report Date Range using the filter options available.

Please Note: If '0 Days Before Run Date' is selected for the To field, qualifying expenses after the export schedule run time will be omitted from the export.

6. Use the Additional Filters to further customise your report if necessary. These filters are optional.

7. To mark the expenses included in your report as Paid/Reconciled or Billed when your report is generated, tick the relevant option under Export Actions. This option is not available for Completed Expenses.

We recommend leaving the Export Actions unticked when first setting up your export schedule in order to test your report settings and filters.

Please always leave Export Actions unticked if you are reporting from the Approved section and using any Integration feature to post to your accountancy system.

8. Click Create to create your scheduled report.

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