Switching to Direct Debit

How to switch your billing account to Direct Debit.

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Please note: Direct Debit is currently only available to UK customers.

If you are currently paying for your ExpenseIn invoices via Credit Cards or BACS, there are lots of great reasons to switch to Direct Debit:

  • Set and forget - There is no need to worry about expired credit cards or making manual BACS payments, simply set up the Direct Debit mandate and let us take care of the rest.

  • Reduces payment failures - Credit cards expire, get cancelled and can be used fraudulently, preventing payments from being taken.

  • Reduces your admin time - With Direct Debit, there is no longer a need to handle failed payments or remember to make manual payments each month allowing your AP team to focus on what really matters.

To switch your account over today, simply email our Billing team at billing@expensein.com and we'll be happy to arrange this for you. The switch process is very quick!

When you next receive your ExpenseIn invoice, you can then set up the Direct Debit mandate from within your Billing area and everything will be ready for future payments.

Please note: ExpenseIn uses GoCardless to process Direct Debit payments. Depending on your bank, payments may appear on your bank statement with GoCardless as the reference.

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