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Export accepted and closed purchase requests
Export accepted and closed purchase requests

Understanding how to export accepted or closed purchase requests from the Finance area.

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Follow the steps in this article to export approved or closed purchase requests.

1. Navigate to either the Accepted or Closed area in Finance.

2. Using the Filter options available, review and select the purchase requests you wish to export using the tick box.

3. Click the Export button and click Export Selected.

4. Complete the Export Purchase Requests pop up:

  • Enter a Report Name in the Report Name box.

  • Select the Format you would like to use.

  • Choose a File Destination for your report. If you have not configured outbound delivery this will automatically download to your browser.

  • Tick Include Files to export any files attached to the purchase request. This will download a separate folder that contains the files.

5. Double-check the information entered in the Export Purchase Requests box and click the Export button once you are happy.

6. The report file will now start to download, and you can click the Close button on the Export Purchase Requests box.

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