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Add your company branding
Add your company branding

Use the branding feature to configure your ExpenseIn Account with your company logo and custom domain.

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Add your own company branding to your ExpenseIn Account by uploading your company logo and entering your custom domain. Follow each section and the steps below to start customising your company ExpenseIn Account.

Add your company domain prefix

Adding a domain name allows you to share a URL to the ExpenseIn web portal with your company name contained within.

Please note: Custom domain prefixes must be related to your company name. ExpenseIn reserves the right to remove any custom domains that do not meet this requirement.

1. Click on Account or your account name (if you have linked accounts) in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Click Account Details and then Branding from the left hand menu.

3. Under the Domain heading, click Edit.

4. Enter your domain name into the Domain Prefix box and click Update.

Add your company logo

1. Still in the Branding section, click Edit under the Logo heading.

2. Click Browse and find your logo image.

Please note: We recommend uploading a PNG file of 150px by 50px.

3. Once you have selected your image, click Update.

Your company logo will now automatically appear for all your listed users on their sign-in screen, and in the top-left corner of the main web portal when signed in.

The logo will also appear in any PDF reports the user generates from the ExpenseIn platform, and your company domain name will display as the first part of the ExpenseIn web portal address.

Add branding from your Linked Accounts

If you have linked accounts you can apply your branding to these in just a few clicks.

1. Still in the Branding section, click the Use Linked Accounts button.

2. Select an account from the list to use the existing account branding.

3. Click Update.

The Branding section of your account will now display the name of the linked account where the branding information is being taken from.

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