Default mapping settings for reimbursable and reconcilable expenses will be auto-populated. Change the default settings to be in line with your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central configuration and expense processing routine.

Review and change reimbursable and reconcilable integration mapping to Business Central from the Integration section in the Admin area.

Please Note - You can create a default value if needed to be applied to a mapping field. Use the Edit Static Fields button to create and save the default value and then apply it to the specific mapping field.

1. Click Edit Static Fields

2. Click the New Field button

  • Enter a Name

  • Enter the Value required by Microsoft Business Central

3. Click Create

The Static Field is now available for use. Any Static Fields created will be available for use with reimbursable, reconcilable, and Invoices mapping.

Reconcilable mapping options

1. Click the Actions button and select Mapping.

2. Review the Reconcilable default settings and change to match with your Business Central data requirements.

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