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The event log enables account administrators to capture critical changes such as updated user bank details and login activity.

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Account administrators can access the Event Log via the ExpenseIn Web Portal. To do this, they need to click on the drop down icon next to the Account Name and then click Event Log.

How to find event log

The Event Log is separated into 3 sections:

  • Event Log

  • Event Subscriptions

  • User Logins

Event Log

The Event Log allows account administrators to view key security events, for the date range selected, on the account they are logged into and any linked accounts where they are an administrator.

The log will display any events where changes have been made to users' bank account details and supplier bank account details.

The feature will show: when bank details have been changed, the account the change was made in, who the changes have been made by and for which user the changes concern.

When bank details have been updated, the Event Log will be populated like this:

Event Subscriptions

The Event Subscriptions section allows administrators to setup emails to be sent to their registered email address when User Bank Details and/or Supplier Bank Details are updated.

Turning on the subscription means the administrator will receive email notifications for updates on all linked accounts where they are an administrator.

User Logins

The User Logins section enables account administrators to view user login activity/history across all ExpenseIn applications for the last 90 days.

For the date range selected, the Log will show the application the user logged into i.e. Web Portal or App, the date and time of the login, alongside the user's name and email address.

Please note:

  • You can download your Event Log and User Logins data by clicking the download button on the right-hand side of each section.

  • The Event Log and User Logins Log will not record any activity on users or companies outside of what the administrator has access to.

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